Software Development

Our team of veteran software developers has worked on nearly every type of project. You name it; web applications, RESTful APIs, user authentication, e-commerce, automation and control systems, Android/iOS apps and games and a lot more. Chances are, if you need software developed, we are the right people to talk to.

Electronics and Hardware

We love interacting with the physical world through software and electronics. We've built interactive art exhibits, event kiosks, RFID access control systems and even LED light sabers. Our particular focus with hardware is automation, interactive art and monitoring. If you have other needs, we can probably work with you to find the right talent for your project.

Machining & Fabrication

We pride ourselves on our ability to work across platforms, media and paradigms. Our team can work with modern and traditional manufacturing techniques including 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, waterjet, welding, woodworking, casting and PCB manufacturing. If there is a medium out there we either know how to utilize it or we will learn it.

Business Consulting

The team at BIG cares about helping your business succeed. We know what it takes to do that based on years of experience working for and in startups, enterprise and freelance. We take into account business factors like revenue, marketing, brand, scale and other things most development shops ignore. We temper development and design priorities with that of the business to create the right solution for the whole business.