The Core Team

Dana Woodman

Owner, Business, Software, Woodworking

Dana has been an artist and software developer since before middle school. He combines an eye for design, an obsession with quality and a knack for business together to solve problems in a pragmatic yet thoughtful manner.

He founded Sonoma County's first nonprofit community arts and makerspace, Chimera, and has taken it from an idea to an active, thriving community. Together with Alex and a two others, Dana also co-founded Hack Sonoma County, Sonoma County's most active software development meetup group.

He has given talks on software, entrepreneurship and making and has an (somewhat) active blog.

Dana grew up in a creative family; his mother is a professional jeweler and YouTube educator and his father is a professional woodworker.

His tools of the trade are Node.js, React, MongoDB, Docker, Go and a table saw.

Alex Wayne

Software, Electronics, 3D Printing

Alex started his professional life with web design and 3D animation, but found his real love in the creation of technology. And he has been creating technology in various forms for a long time.

In the software realm Alex has built e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, highly scalable server side code, experimental skunkworks proof of concepts, and much more. But the obsession doesn't stop with software. He has developed many electronics projects like a wearable LED pendant, light painting "swords", and wall mounted sales meters that report in realtime.

His passion for technology lies at the intersection of artdesign, and engineering. Art means it looks nice. Good design means it achieves it's goal elegantly. And quality engineering ensures the platform is well tested, maintainable and performant.

Our Community

Collectively, our team has access to a wide community of developers, fabricators, designers and artists. Each project is unique so we work to have a community of people we can call on for various tasks.

As a team, we have founded a variety of communities and groups in the Sonoma County region including starting Sonoma County's first makerspace, Chimera. We've also founded the most active software meetup group in the region, Hack Sonoma County. Some of our colleagues founded another group, North Bay Designers and WIMP.

We're strong believers in the power of community and the value that a strong network brings.