Personalization Pop

Shopify Application for Personalized Products

PersonalizationPop offers a one of a kind fully automated way to add, sell and fulfill personalized products for your Shopify store.  With a click of a button you can add from one to 10,000 products in hundreds of categories to your online store, instantly!

BIG worked with the business owner, Ramin, to take the application from idea to revenue generating product in two months and all within budget. and

Technology: Node.js, React, MongoDB



Built a bandwidth management interface to allow customers of Cyan (AT&T, Verizon, etc) to be able to offer their clients the ability to manage and control their bandwidth usage and services, on-demand. Integrated with Cyan’s JSON API and their existing tooling and development processes.

Technology: React, ES6/7

The Wine Spies

The coolest and most covert place to buy your wine.

The Wine Spies is an e-commerce platform built from scratch to serve the unique business model that is flash wine sales. On the front-end is a simple unobtrusive interface that makes it easy for customers to buy wine. But the back-end contains a deep content and curation workflow,  sophisticated email marketing tools, and a robust alcohol sales compliance model.

TechnologyRuby on Rails, Stripe, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Mail Chimp


Event Manager

Part of a three-person team developing their live event management system. The system managed zone and time based access control using RFIDs wristbands, real-time dashboards for access monitoring and management and order search tools. Built a web-based order printing system that handled printing labels and updating orders of 20,000 tickets direct to a label printing machine. The system communicated directly with the Vendini API with bi-directional syncing and communication of event/ticketing data.

Technology: React, Node.js

Openfeint Mobile Game Platform


OpenFeint was the pioneering social mobile game platform used by millions of players at it's peak. The platform was a little bit everything from huge servers under heavy load to client libraries made for game developers and fast single page rich web applications.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Objective-C